We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading pioneers, Designers, and Consultants on Environmental aspects and manufactures of water,waster and effluent treatment plants.Varsha Aqua Inc has an experienced and motivated team of professional in design,engineering,exception a project management of different capacities of water treatment plants, Effluent treatment plants, Effluent recycling plants and sewage treatment plants. Our team members having a decade of field experience,We are already serving various industrial segments such as building sector like as water and fluid systems,steel sector,param sector,sugar sector,textile,pulp &paper mills and also we have been bidding to make our presence felt in power sector as well. We have been approved by leading customers.

We Would like to inform you that we have consulted and executed sea water De-Salination plants, Reverse osmosis plants, De mineralization plants, High purity water systems apart form regular water treatment plants such as softners, pressure sand filters, activatead carbon filters and iron removal filters and pumps of varying capacities meeting to the process requirements of the building segments and industries.

Further, We would be glad in extending our services for requirement of water, waster water and effluent treatment plants and various of fludi (pumps) systems for your existing / forthcoming projects. Hoping to receive your enquiries at the earliest.